An Electric Vehicle charge point can help your business

The last few years have seen significant growth in electric and hybrid cars in the UK. In fact, one in every 32 cars now comes with a plug, with approximately 1.1 million electric cars on the road.

Despite the rise in electric vehicles, public charge point rollout continues to lag behind, with only one standard public charger for every 36 plug-in cars.

With the electric revolution very much here, employees and customers are looking to businesses to support this lifestyle change. What better place to start than providing electric vehicle (EV) charge point infrastructure?

Whilst this might seem like a costly investment, installing EV charge points can provide a plethora of opportunity for business.

Here are seven potential benefits of EV charging stations for businesses:

  1. Attract customers

EV drivers might stop for a few hours to re-charge their cars and this can improve footfall for your business. With extra time on their hands whilst their car is plugged in they’re likely to explore your business offering and might be converted to loyal customers as a result.

  1. Increase employee loyalty

Having an EV charge point in place demonstrates a proactive approach to modern culture and may assist in attracting skilled employees as well as keeping your current workforce loyal. There are also various government support schemes and tax offsets in place if you’re looking to install an EV infrastructure at your place of business. Spend time researching; it could make great financial sense for your business.

  1. Be future proof

There’s pressure from the Government (and society) to be more sustainable and to offer green solutions. For those looking to harness a competitive advantage and to implement sustainable practices, installing an EV charge point is a smart place to start.

  1. Put your business on the Map

Many EV drivers rely on apps such as BP Pulse, Gov UK and Zap Map to locate charge points meaning that your business can be referenced publicly. You can also add your EV charging facilities to your business listings on Google, Apple Maps or local business directories.

  1. Step ahead of your competitors

Offering a charge point might make your business more attractive when compared to your competition. Many EV drivers will likely want to have the option to charge whilst they shop, eat, or enjoy an activity – therefore, offering charge points might mean that you are chosen above competing businesses.

  1. Support your brand values

If your brand or CSR policies have a sustainability focus, then the absence of an EV infrastructure might undermine what you’re promising and lead to a lack of brand trust. Remember, customers are savvy and know how to spot when a brand isn’t being genuine.

  1. Collect data insights

With a charge station on site you’ll have access to a range of data including activity on your charge point, kWh-usage, costs and CO2-saving. This means you can easily compile key reports for internal administration or tax declarations.



Finally, many employees and customers feel that businesses have an increasing responsibility to provide EV charge points for use by guests, customers and employees. An EV charger installation is a long-term investment that will deliver better amenities and make your premises fit for purpose as electric vehicle sales continue to rise in the years to come.

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