Cotswold Outdoors
An updated brand layout and look & feel for their flagship store in Aberdeen

An Updated Look & Feel

Outdoor & Cycle Concepts, of which Cotswold Outdoors is one business sector, is a long-standing customer with many joint projects having been carried out together since the first one in 2018.

These projects have been successful because of the close collaboration between the main contractor Total Design Shopfitting Services and TDS Electrical who plan the project in detail, from every aspect of the installation to the cost-effective way resources and materials are sourced and used.

This long-term partnership was the basis for appointing the main contractors and TDS Electrical for this particularly important project. The project specification was to convert the existing Aberdeen Store to a Concept Store, the first test of an updated brand layout and look & feel.

Allowing the Store to Continue Trading

As with any project an important part of its success is making sure specific operational customer requirements are met. In this case it was how to carry out the works while allowing the store to continue to operate.

The solution that was agreed came after several collaborative meetings were held with the client and the outcome was to break the overall project down into two phases, splitting the floor space in half for each phase. While this sounds simple it required designing a store layout that allowed for all necessary customer and staff access as well as a revised merchandising layout for each.

With their expertise TDS Electrical was able to help the main contractor with design layouts for both phases that allowed trading to continue uninterrupted for the 9-week duration of the overall project. It would have been quicker to carry out the project in one phase, but this allowed the store to continue trading.

Cotswold Outdoor 5

Scope of the Project

The project was a complete refurbishment of the store to restructure the store layout with new walls and stud partitioning, install new flooring, fitting new metal modular fixtures and bespoke joinery and finally decoration and helping get everything ready to re-launch.

TDS Electrical were contracted to complete electrical installation including completely rewiring the ground floor, installing new power/lighting circuits throughout, and installing client supplied lighting including new LED lighting to replace the fluorescent fittings.

Great Feedback

Welcoming feedback was provided by the project manager for Cotswold Outdoor who quoted:“I was secure in the knowledge it would be delivered well. With the concept being a new one, it was critical that it was delivered as designed to fulfil the brands vision of the store, which it was. Close working relationships with the team allowed the project timelines to be flexible when needed but to still deliver when required. A great project delivered to a high standard.”

The store opened on time and on budget.