Industrial Solutions

Our expertise is wide ranging, and we can provide Industrial Solutions that help a wide range of businesses have the right infrastructure in place. We work with your suppliers to ensure that we produce the best Industrial Electrical Solutions to accommodate the needs of your business.

TDS Electrical offer a wide range of Industrial Solutions that mean you can focus on dealing with important strategic issues for your business and leave the electrical issues to experienced professionals. Industrial Electrical Solutions will mean that your business is set up to handle all the strains that an industrial environment will bring.


Saving you money and the environment

Reducing power requirements in any new build factory warehouse or plant or in refurbishment is crucial if you want to cut both your operating costs and environmental impact. The lighting as well as the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) often represent the best chance for making savings. While an integrated electrical and communications system can also save energy, money and the environment too.

LED lighting installation and replacement

LED lighting system that can reduce your electricity bills by up to 80%. And with a life expectancy of 70,000+ hours designed to withstand temperature ranges from -45 to 45+ C, our LED lighting systems are suitable for all commercial, industrial and residential projects.

Most clients can expect a 17-24 month payback with their installation. And working with the Carbon Trust, your business may qualify for an interest-free loan to upgrade any outmoded commercial or industrial lighting.


We can handle it all

At TDS Electrical we can work with your suppliers, or manage the entire electrical system design and installation for you. Working with the latest energy efficient materials, equipment and technologies, we deliver the most appropriate, creative, energy-efficient and cost effective electrical system solutions available.

Turnkey Installations

Design, supply, installation and project management

At TDS we have the expertise and experience to act as the prime contractor for all the electrics in your next project. Working with you and your suppliers or in partnership with our own, we can manage the whole project from the design, installation, and full integration with your heating, ventilation and cooling systems; as well as handle any ongoing maintenance.

New installations

In addition, we have worked with architects and builders on small, medium and large new building projects such as housing estates, hospitals; retail and leisure premises as well as warehouses and industrial plants.


Better to be safe than sorry

Poor electrical installations and faulty electrical appliances can lead to fire, which may also cause death or injury to others. But most of these accidents can be avoided by careful planning and straightforward precautions. And that’s where TDS Electrical can help.


Your premises’ safety is our key concern and so is ensuring your industrial electrical systems are operating at full capacity with minimal wastage.

Electrical Testing

All commercial and industrial properties are legally required to have their premises tested and certified every 5 years by a qualified electrician. At TDS we have been conducting these inspections and tests and have been providing the necessary reports for many years to ensure you are operating safely and in accordance with the latest BS7571 Wiring Regulation.

Portable Appliance Testing (PAT)

All employers, landlords and letting agents need to make certain their employees, tenants and customers are fully protected when using any electrical equipment in their buildings. Our PAT electricians will test and make sure your computers, printers, and other small electricals are fully compliant.

Fire & Smoke Alarms

Whether it is protecting your tenants, employees or your customers, you cannot afford to be complacent when it comes to their safety. Our engineers take the same care and attention to fit a single, mains-operated smoke alarm in your main office; as we do to install the most sophisticated fire and smoke alarm system across numerous sites.

Security Systems

With break-ins and vandalism on the rise, you need to do everything you can to protect your factory, new building project, warehouse or industrial plant. Today’s more sophisticated systems involve motion detector sensors and closed-circuit cameras. We are happy to recommend, install and maintain the most appropriate and robust system for you and your budget.


Managing your premises intelligently

All of our customers have different needs when it comes to the control of their electrical equipment. Whether it is the simple manual switching on of an individual light; to an integrated control system for your heating, cooling and lighting requirements; we will recommend the most energy and cost-effective solution for you.


Working with other experts, TDS can also design and install energy management systems that automatically adjust lighting and environmental controls as daylight and occupancy changes to reduce your plant’s operating and maintenance costs and conserve energy.

Structured Cabling

Accustomed to handling most telephone and computer requirements, which often operate off the same cable, we can also manage and integrate all of the cabling for your building controls, alarm and security systems.


From a simple home-office installation to a complex new three phase MCCB panels and distribution boards complete with split and sub-metering, we work with our trusted partner, Schneider Electric to design and install complete mains distribution systems that will have you fully operational, fast.


Maintenance Support

As all electrical systems become more sophisticated and complex, so do compliance regulations. This means it is often easier to outsource any electrical maintenance work to us. Our maintenance contracts are flexible and written in ‘easy to understand’ language so you know exactly what you are getting from us, when and how much it will all cost.

We offer three different packages to match your requirements and budget  see for yourself


How much electricity are you wasting?

As electricity and energy costs continue to soar, all types of businesses are eager to reduce their costs and carbon emissions without impacting on their productivity or on their customers’ activities. With one of our Energy Surveys, we can help you determine how much electricity you are consuming and recommend the best solution to be more energy efficient.

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