At TDS, we believe innovative design is one of the most important aspects of any project. Using the latest technologies and working with world-class partners, we aim to deliver a solution that looks fantastic, works exceedingly well, is easy to maintain, and is so energy efficient it reduces electricity bills and carbon emissions. And we provide full Computer Assisted Designs (CAD) and 3D visuals to put you more in the picture.


In-house Lighting Design

Working in partnership with Spurlite or your own lighting designer, TDS Electrical will visit your premises to understand what you are trying to achieve with your lighting. From a simple installation of a new light fixture in your living room; to a series different lighting zones positioned throughout your house; to general lighting for within your 24/7 factory, we have the creative skills to help you choose the most attractive and energy-efficient lighting you can afford.


Energy Surveys

Before we get started with any new project with an existing home or business or industrial site, we will suggest conducting a quick, FREE Energy Survey to act as a starting point for recommending how we can lower your operating costs and save on your electricity consumption, a win for you and the environment.


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